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Streamyard – This is the software we use to make the Backpack Show. It’s ridiculously easy to use. Affordable. And it’s the whole reason the show just *works* and we can focus on the guests. We’re grateful for our relationship with Streamyard, and we want YOU to make a show. Hurry up. We’ll wait.

Pub Site – Authors. You’ve written your book(s) and you need a site to promote your work. But it takes time, some technical skill, and a lot of fuss. Wouldn’t it be easier to pick something that people like Tom Clancy and Robin Cook use that just works? It takes a couple hours tops to make your author site. Powered by FSB Associates: the best book promoters in the world with over 25 years experience.

Castos – Our audio podcast is available everywhere, thanks to hosting provided by Castos. This site hosts and distributes podcasts so that you can focus on the important work: getting your show heard and loved by millions.

.Online – This domain,, was sponsored by Radix who manages the .online domain. You can get a cool domain identifier and pick exactly the name you want for your site. Get a great domain from today!




Sponsors wanted!

Sponsoring the Backpack Show is easy and affordable. At least for right now it’s affordable. The show reaches a few hundred people live and across all our various channels only receives a few thousand plays. SO FAR.

And naturally, the content exists in perpetuity so even after you stop sending us money, any episodes that you sponsored have your name and our ad reads out there for the world to see.

Demographically, we reach lots of women over the age of 40, plenty of small business owners, largely in the US and Canada with Scotland being our third country (it’s a fun story). The community we serve loves to support each other, and they love to hear about products and services that we endorse.

Quick super important note: we only accept sponsorships from products and services we love. It’s not worth it otherwise.

If you want to sponsor The Backpack Show, fill out that nifty form or email Chris directly ( . It’s inexpensive for now, and it’s super easy to execute on quickly. We have only a couple different levels of sponsorship and those only relate to how much fun you want us to have.