TV Host, Founder, and Whiskey Expert Tim Jones and Actor Alex Nevil on #TheBackpack

Episode Description

Tim Jones is the creative force behind some of the world’s most beloved bourbon brands and distillery experiences. He’s also part of the Discovery Channel show "Whiskey Business," where he works with Tim Smith of "Moonshiners" and Devin Mills to save struggling distilleries. Oh, and he owns Gents Premium Sodas and Cocktail Syrups. Lots to talk about here! Alex Nevil has “one of those faces.” Kerry happened across some of his famous “dog tweets” and thought his profile pic looked familiar. Then she realized: he played the short executive in Kerry's favorite episode of "Cheers!" Turns out he’s had small roles in all sorts of cool shows and films. We’ll talk all about his acting career, as well as what he’s doing now.