Stories That Inspire and Self-Care as a Necessary Skill: May Tchao and Leslie Forde on The Backpack

Episode Description

Gender equality and special needs adoption, and ways to prioritize self-care at the individual and organizational level, all on this episode of The Backpack Show with Chris Brogan and Kerry O'Shea Gorgone. Award-winning documentary filmmaker May May Tchao is the director and producer of "Spilled Water," a film that examines the changing the roles, rights, and social status of women in China. Her new film, "Hayden and Her Family," explores themes of alternative parenting, family norms, and the challenges of special needs adoption. We’ll talk with May about what drives her to tell these stories, and how she retired from advertising to start a whole new career making documentary films.

Also joining us is Leslie Forde, founder of Mom’s Hierarchy of Needs. Leslie started out helping mothers make space for self-care and growth, but since the pandemic hit, she’s expanded her focus to help others who need to recalibrate. On the employer side, Leslie helps leaders to see the connection between well-being and performance, so employers are better able to support people. We’ll talk with Leslie about how you can avoid burnout, and how organizations can prioritize employee well-being.