Royalty and Loss – with Chris Brogan on the Backpack Show

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Catherine Curzon is a historian of the 18th century. She writes for Orion as Ellie Curzon, with Eleanor Harkstead.

Catherine’s work has been featured online by BBC News, BBC History Extra and The Daily Express, and in publications including All About History, Who Do You Think You Are?, and Jane Austen’s Regency World. Further afield, her expertise has been featured by The Washington Post, Town & Country, Elle Australia, Der Bund, La Vanguardia and Metrópoles, among others.

Yolonda Johnson-Young created Finding Elijah. The film follows a young man’s journey from home; into mental illness, to homelessness, and ultimately to suicide. It explores how a search for answers leads a mother to action. Yolanda is that mother.