Princess Sarah Culberson of Sierra Leone on The Backpack Show LIVE with Chris Brogan

Episode Description

Now here’s an amazing story: a woman who was adopted as a baby searches for her birth parents, only to discover that she is, in fact, royalty. Sounds like a fairy tale, but that’s exactly what happened to Princess Sarah Culberson of Sierra Leone.

Her search for her birth parents led to the discovery that she is a mahaloi, the child of a Paramount Chief from a ruling Mende family in Sierra Leone.

On this episode of The Backpack Show with Chris Brogan and Kerry O'Shea Gorgone, we'll talk with Princess Sarah about the discovery that changed her life, her new role as royalty, and the work she’s doing through her nonprofit, Sierra Leone Rising (co-founded with her brother, Hindo Kposowa) to help the community there.