Positivity, Creativity, and Music: Kevin Carroll and Kimberly Dawn on The Backpack Show

Episode Description

It's never too late to follow your dreams (and help others do the same). On this episode of The Backpack Show with Chris Brogan and Kerry O'Shea Gorgone, we'll talk with author and "katalyst" Kevin Carroll and country singer / songwriter Kimberly Dawn. Kevin Carroll is an author, “instigator of inspiration, and creative catalyst.” He's worked with some of the world’s most famous brands to enhance innovation on their teams. He’s also the author of four highly successful books published by ESPN, Disney Press, McGraw-Hill and “A Kids Book About.” We’ll talk with Kevin about his origin story, growing up without his parents, the kindness and wisdom he received from unexpected places, and how he’s paying it forward. https://kckatalyst.com/

We’ll also talk with country singer / songwriter Kimberly Dawn. We’ll discuss how Kimberly launched her music career after putting her aspirations on hold to stay at home with four kids. (There’s also a chance we might get to hear Kimberly sing!) https://www.officialkimberlydawn.com/

The bottom line? It's never too late to do what you always dreamed of, and you can be the catalyst for others to pursue their dreams, as well. Join us for a show that's sure to inspire!