Lingerie company founder Maïna Cissé and farm owner Kristin Canty on The Backpack Show

Episode Description

On this episode of The Backpack Show with Chris Brogan, we'll talk with lingerie company founder Maïna Cissé and farm owner Kristin Canty. Lingerie company founder Maïna Cissé created the underargument to design “wearable reminders” of the power of individuality. Her labels feature affirmations reminding the wearer to reject conformist attitudes and embrace their individuality. We'll talk with Maïna about her approach to hiring models sight unseen (“anti-casting,” as she calls it) based on their stories and the empowering message they want to share with other women.

He’ll also talk with Kristin Canty, filmmaker, farm owner, and “avid proponent of ancestral foods.” We’ll talk with Kristin about her experience as a farm-to-table restauranteur and farm owner, and how her son’s childhood asthma set her on the path to becoming an advocate for small-scale farming. We’ll also discuss her nationally acclaimed documentary film Farmageddon, and her commitment to sustainable sourcing.