Jen and Phil of “Rent the Chicken” and “Polysecure” Author Jessica Fern on The Backpack Show

Episode Description

Want to raise hens but you're...chicken? Jen and Phil Tomkins of "Rent The Chicken" join us on The Backpack Show to talk about how they can help you "test your wings" (sorry) before you bring chickens into your home permanently.

The company sets you up with everything you need, including two egg-laying hens, a portable chicken coop, food and water dishes, enough food for the rental period, and, of course, lots of instructions. At the end of the rental, you can adopt your chickens (for a fee that includes their supplies) or send them packing. We'll learn all about the chicken business!

And speaking of being chicken, a lot of people are afraid of opening up to their romantic partners. Luckily, we have Jessica Fern stopping by! Jessica is a psychotherapist, public speaker, and trauma and relationship expert.

In her international private practice, Jessica works with individuals, couples and people in multiple-partner relationships who no longer want to be limited by their reactive patterns, cultural conditioning, insecure attachment styles, and past traumas, helping them to embody new possibilities in life and love. We'll talk with Jessica about her new book, "Polysecure: Attachment, Trauma and Consensual Nonmonogamy."