Dancer “Robi,” Voice Actor Justice Washington, and Firefighter Ed Kranski on The Backpack Show

Episode Description

Ashley “Robi” Robicheaux is a dancer, choreographer, actress, director, and singer, whose work has taken her all over the world. She’s done the New York thing, the L.A. thing, the SXSW thing…all the things! We’ll talk with her about shaping the career you want, one step at a time.

Justice Washington is a voice actor, streamer, and performer. His YouTube channel featuring voiceover videos has more than 200,000 subscribers. Justice comes from a family of musicians and performers, and when his voice dropped around age 14, he used that extra bass to prank his friends while they played video games. We’ll talk about his journey from dancer and stage performer to voiceover artist.

Our third guest, firefighter Ed Kranski turned his retirement into an insanely cool video, deadlifting 585 pounds. In his full firefighter gear. While the weights were on fire. We had to talk to him!

This and our chat with YOU on the Backpack Show with Chris Brogan and Kerry Gorgone