Cindy Gallop and Mike “Ambassador” Bruny on The Backpack Show with Chris Brogan

Episode Description

On this episode of The Backpack Show with Chris Brogan and Kerry O'Shea Gorgone, we'll talk with Cindy Gallop, "the Michael Bay of business." We'll get Cindy's advice for reinventing your business (even during a global pandemic). But be warned: Cindy doesn't deal in superficial changes. She's here to blow sh*t up and help you create the business you always wanted. We'll also talk with Mike “Ambassador” Bruny about his successful coaching project to help #BlackProfessionals to go where they’ve not always dared to travel. Mike's business, No More Reasonable Doubt, provides community, coaching, content, and courses to support Black professionals. We'll talk with him about what it takes to succeed.