Can You See Me on the Backpack Show with Chris Brogan

Episode Description

Kyle Hjelmeseth (“YELM-SETH”) is the Founder and CEO of top-tier talent management agency G&B --, which houses both the College of Influence and the Normalize Equality initiative. A self-made minority business owner, Hjelmeseth brings the full extent of his experience living as a half black, half white male to his work building media momentum around messages of diversity and inclusivity with his trademark solutions-driven attitude.

Graci Harkema was born amidst civil unrest, in a mud hut in the Congo to a young mother, who she believed was dead for a long part of her life. This is some of what fueled her interest in helping others with her business, Graci, LLC -

Graci LLC is a diversity & inclusion consulting and public speaking firm where she partners with organizations through diversity trainings, talent management and help organizations build more inclusive and equitable work environments.