Can we be Nicer Online, and a Music Insider Opens Up on the Backpack Show with Chris Brogan

Episode Description

Andrea Weckerle runs CiviliNation, whose goal is to advance the full capability of individuals to communicate and engage in cyberspace in an open, responsible, and accountable way., There's a lot to be said for making the Internet kind and friendly again.

CiviliNation's President, Jolie O'Dell, joins us, as well. O’Dell is an award-winning journalist with leadership experience in the nonprofit space. As an editor at Mashable, VentureBeat, and ReadWriteWeb, she was read by an audience of millions every day, and cultivated and supported international teams of young writers. Can't wait to talk with Jolie!

And we'll meet Jason Davis. He's worked with Boyz ll Men, Sugar Ray, P. Diddy, Alabama, Lonestar, Dolly Parton, and so many other stars you'd recognize. He's an entertainment industry executive with a broad range of titles including award winning songwriter, award winning author, independent record label president, executive TV producer, entertainment consultant, former Senior VP of A&R for Dolly Parton's management company CTK management and a serial entrepreneur.