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If you love the show, we want to know. If you hate the show, tell your dog.

If you think someone would be a great guest on the show, bear in mind that we’re searching for the following above all else:
  • Someone with a unique business experience (like actor, sex therapist, barefoot waterskiier, beatbox champion)
  • VERY much prefer BIPOC and/or LGBTQIA+ and people with different developmental disabilities as well
  • Females (because you need even more spotlight)
If you’re going to pitch your “really interesting” software that mechanizes invoicing, this isn’t the right show. Or your CEO who’s “an incredible thought leader” because you’re trying hard to market him as such. It’s so rare that it’s true.
It’s super good if you scrub through a few past episodes before you pitch your guest because we’re not the right fit for some. That said, try us. The contact form is OPEN. 🙂